Architectural Safety Components, LLC

Architectural Safety Components is comprised of a team of architects, entrepreneurs, graphic designers, and specialized manufacturers. Our first product LELU establishes a new set of priorities for safety-related building components. Namely, an exit sign should exceed its important life-safety function by incorporating aesthetic and technical ambitions into the design.In the future ASC will provide a range of safety fixtures and building components that strike this inclusive balance. We believe quality buildings demand this absolute attention to detail. Our goal is to make a new set of choices available to the design industry when it comes to architectural safety components.

LELU combines a minimal, graphic appearance with equally refined mounting options to accommodate a range of design conditions. Luminosity is driven by compact LEDs arrayed within the EXIT legend to maximize uniformity, color, brightness and most importantly, legibility. The enclosure is substantial, milled from solid acrylic and aluminum stock, and is available with either red or green lenses. A concise range of metal finishes insures that every aspect of the sign performs at the same exceptional level. LELU configures the visual and technical components of the exit sign in two new and dramatic ways. Mounting the exit sign in the “Integral” configuration LELU orients the power source behind a finished aluminum face plate which is attached to the surface of a wall or ceiling. The exit sign legend and round tube bracket mount directly to the face plate, giving the letters a weightless appearance. Mounting the exit sign in the “Remote” configuration also orients the power source behind a finished aluminum face plate. The exit sign legend and tubular bracket are mounted alternatively to a discreet, round escutcheon allowing the exit sign to be located up to 20 feet away from the power source. With the exit sign and power source split, scheduled testing is simplified and the appearance of the exit sign is streamlined LELU offers the latest in power and battery technology. Circuitry and components meet or exceed standards set forth by Underwriter Laboratories and our lithium ion batteries are designed and assembled in the US, benefiting from years of energy, medical and transportation industry research.

Looking forward, Architectural Safety Components continues to develop products that combine the demands of life-safety design with evolving aesthetic criteria. We hope you will register and contact us with your questions. As new product features and lines become available we will keep you on our advance notice directory.